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Australian Models.

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Celebrating all the models born and bred 'down under'.

If you have any QUESTIONS, QUERIES, CONCERNS or even REQUESTS, don't hesitate to ask/'message' me.. And I will try my best to respond.

There is a directory of all the Australian Models on this blog. Please use it :)

None of these images are mine, nor do I own copyrights to any of images show cased on this blog; unless stated otherwise.

Alright m8.
But she is. Just because she wasn’t born here.. Doesn’t mean she isn’t. She identifies as a Russian/Soviet Union (po-tay-toe/po-tah-toe) born Australian. Scouted in Australia, as a Russian born Australian. First signed to an Australian modelling agency, as a Russian born Australian.

Australia is as complex as a our solar system is “big”. You don’t gots ta be born here to be one of us. To quote the Qantas choir; “I am, you are, we are Australian”.
Peace and blessings xoxo